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Anthony Acri for New Haven's 97 State Representative


Anthony Acri

Son of an Army Veteran, born in Niagra Falls, moved to New Haven at age one. Anthony spent his entire life in New Haven. Twelve years of education in New Haven Parochial schools. Anthony attended Quinnipiac College and obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting with a minor in Business Management. Anthony received a Master's Degree in Business Management from Stanford Hill University. Anthony is the proud father of two daughters.

Former New Haven Mayor John Destefano appointed Anthony to be on the Advisory Board of the New Haven Police Pension committee.

As a significant contributor, Anthony worked on the board of a non-profit, Men against Rape in Washington, D.C. As a member of the Board of Directors for the Amazing Gracie Foundation in Utica, New York, Anthony worked to help families with children who have cancer. Gracie was a young girl that is the poster child for raising awareness about childhood cancer.

Anthony is proud of participating with the National Hispanic Caucus in Washington D.C. and Texas. The work that was and continues to be done is invaluable.

Anthony spent much of his time in D.C. working with underserved children, teaching them golf on the Potomac.

Anthony lives in New Haven and is a proud supporter of Faith, Family, and the pursuit of happiness.

My Only Agenda is YOU

  There should be a record turnout for this year's election to show how deeply concerned Connecticut residents are about our state's future – for businesses, mental health/homelessness, public safety, education, parental rights, our economy, and trust in government.

It is critically important that voters know what drives their leaders' decision-making and the values they hold. For me, it's straightforward and evident. My only agenda is you and what matters to you, your family, your neighborhood, and your livelihood.

I'm not beholden to special interests, donors, or political parties. I will represent the interests of all voters, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and Unaffiliated.

I've clearly outlined my top priorities – economic recovery (rebuilding businesses), homelessness (decisive plan to eradicate homelessness), Second Chance Act (helping felons to reduce recidivism), community safety (working to support our first responders), Education and Parental Rights (improve the quality of our education system and reinforce parental rights) – and I stand by theses priorities, I will fight for you.

I will always tell it like it is, where I'm coming from, and why. I believe you deserve far more openness, greater confidence in your leaders, and their resolve to make the tough decisions to care for our community and preserve our way of life. Most of all, I believe in hope. Not false hope or empty campaign promises, but the deep feeling that we can pull together and make the best of the years ahead. Now more than ever… it's about you.

                -- Anthony Acri

Anthony's Top Priorities As State Representative 97th District

It's not about the Party, it's about the RESULTS!

Rebuilding Businesses
As a businessman, Anthony worked with businesses to trim their budgets and focus on specialized markets. One company, in particular, grew from one million dollars to twenty-two million in six years. This financial and business background will allow Anthony to be at the top of the negotiations for the State of Connecticut. 
Anthony wants to hold the state lawmakers accountable. Connecticut is too expensive for workers and families. Our economy is heading in the wrong direction. State spending is out of control, and taxes are too high. We must hold state lawmakers
accountable, so businesses can compete with those in neighboring states, add much-needed jobs, and help young people build their futures here. Fixing Connecticut’s economy must be the #1 priority for state lawmakers.

Decisive Plan To Eradicate Homelessness
 A decisive plan includes a “tough love” approach to street enforcement but also means we must build treatment and housing facilities for the mentally ill, who truly can’t take care of themselves. We need more community partnerships to aid and house families. No one should ever be penalized for being poor. Statewide programs need to be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency to assist in eradicating homelessness and caring for the mentally ill for positive outcomes. Accountability of existing programs is my main focus in helping the mentally ill and homeless people of CT. On any given day, Homeless in CT = 2905, Homeless in New Haven = 503. 1 in 8 adults battle with drugs and alcohol addictions 1 in 5 live with a mental health condition.

Second Chance Act
Anthony visits prisons across the country, speaking with the prisoners about the Second Chance Act as a motivational speaker. Anthony's work supports the Second Chance Act and informs the inmates about the opportunities available upon release and the steps to reduce recidivism. Anthony is ready with a plan to work with the prison population to eradicate recidivism in Connecticut and ready to hit the "War on Drugs" head-on. In the 40 years since President Richard Nixon declared war on drugs, the repressive strategies focused on criminalization have not worked. "Arresting and incarcerating tens of millions of these people in recent decades has filled prisons and destroyed lives and families without reducing the availability of illicit drugs or the power of criminal organizations. Reducing the availability of drugs is one of my main focuses in reducing recidivism and keeping people out of prison.

Neighborhood Safety & First Responders
Our sense of security in our community has changed dramatically following an alarming rise in neighborhood crime. I will support and fund our first responders: police, and firefighters, so they can do their jobs to protect us all. I will hold our cities accountable to ensure the police and fire departments are funded and fully staffed.    Gun violence, domestic violence, and suicide have been on the rise. Connecticut needs a better position to support our first responders who keep us safe. New Haven's police and fire budget has been cut and requires funding to correct the societal issues happening today. Like any major city, New Haven has its share of crime. According to city-data.com, the crime rate is 1.6 times the national average, or 93% higher than other U.S. cities. The crime rate in New Haven is approximately 49 per 1,000 residents. New Haven's violent crime rate is higher than in surrounding towns. Anthony will fight for you. You are Anthony's ONLY agenda.

In New Haven School District, 35% of elementary students tested proficient in reading, and 23% tested at grade level for math. These facts are appalling to know that 65% and 77% of our students are below grade level for reading and math, respectfully. As a city, we are failing our children, the future of America. Our high school college readiness with a zero to 100 index value, New Haven scores 23.1. These facts support our need for better quality education. Anthony will fight for our children. Schools must be held accountable to ensure students get a quality education. Funding for New Haven public schools comes from 58.3% State money,  30.3% Local, and  11.4% Federal funds. 

Parental Rights
Parents have always had legal rights, upheld by five Supreme Court decisions clearly stating parents have the right to direct their children's education. The only thing new about parental rights today is a seemingly coordinated effort playing out in headlines to seize and undermine the role of family within our communities. Anthony strives to return community values to be adequately represented and reflected in school policies without the current trend of coercion. Public school boards were created to reflect their community's values and defend and represent the people, providing a bridge between policymakers and taxpaying stakeholders. Unfortunately, School Boards do not reflect the parent's voices. Anthony believes families are the essential stakeholders. Parents' voices matter! Anthony will make sure your voice matters!


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